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Biomechanics Assessment £30.00

Orthotics from £19.99 per pair
18 Newmarket Street, Ayr, Ayrshire KA7 1LP
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Most people have a Biomechanical assessment because they are experiencing pain within the lower limb.

This pain can be anywhere from the back down into the feet. You do not have to have a specific sports injury, it may just be pain which is present when walking or doing a specific movement.
Without Orthotic FootSupports™ 
The Foot 
Rolls Over
With Orthotic FootSupports™
The Foot
Sits Straight
Natural Pain Relief
Why have a Biomechanical Assessment?
Occasionally, people attend for a Biomechanical assessment in an attempt to improve posture or prevent and or reduce the risk of injury or to improve sporting performance.

It is estimated that around 80% of the population suffer from excessive pronation. This condition is common in all types of people from children to the elderly and from top athletes to people with a sedentary lifestyle.

The feet become misaligned and combined with poor posture roll inwards to gain ground contact, the arches become flattened producing the condition known as excessive pronation.

Excessive pronation combined with poor posture of the foot and leg can cause related foot, knee and back problems. These related problems can be treated effectively through the use of premoulded orthotics and for greater control of the pronation, casted custom-made orthotic insoles.

Orthotics are designed to alter the Biomechanical function, stabilising and re-aligning the feet into the best possible position. This helps to prevent the feet from rolling inwards, supporting the arches from flattening. In turn, this improves body posture, preventing a variety of conditions that lead to foot, knee and lower back pain.
Option 1

Ready-made DFO Orthotics act on the foot the same as custom insoles and although they are factory mass produced devices they are usually helpful in the treatment of many foot conditions.

Available in Medium Control or Maximum Control Densities. Click Here >> For more details on how to order.

Option 2

Customised Ready-made DFO Orthotics

In addition to using basic off-the-shelf orthotics, here at the Footcare Centre, our Podiatrists use orthotic posting wedges and heel raise components to customise an orthosis to the patients individuals required prescription.

Available in Medium Control or Maximum Control Densities. Click Here >> For more details on how to order.
Heel raise
5 degree

Option 3

Semi-Bespoke OrthoSupport Heat Moulded Orthotics

The DFO Heat Custom Support Orthotics offer a personalised custom fit. They work by maintaining and supporting the arch, whilst the heat to fit properties allows the insole to mould exactly to the shape of the foot. This in turn stops the foot having to compensate for any abnormalities - Our Podiatrists use a Podoscope and measurements with the aid of a goniometer and stance mat to facilitate in the customisation of these orthotics to give the best results in re-aligning the feet.

Click Here >> For more details on how to order a pair of Semi-Bespoke OrthoSupport Orthotics



Including Biomechanical 
Evaluation Or Buy them and 
heat mould them yourself for 
Only £24.99
Options 4 & 5

Bespoke OrthoSupport Custom-Made Orthotics

Our Biomechanical Assessessment

1. First we evaluate the position of the feet, joint movements, posture and gait cycle and then use a Podoscope to visualise the foots pressure points over the soles.
2. Then take a picture of your feet from the front.
3. Take a picture of your heels from behind.
4. Take a picture of the arches from an inner side view.
5. Take a picture of an old pair of shoes from the top.
6. Take a picture of the soles of an old pair of shoes.
7. Measure the length of your Left foot (not shoe size).
8. Measure the length of your Right foot (not shoe size).
9. Measure the width of your heels.
10. Casting impression boxes or plaster of paris bandage are used to produce a plaster of paris cast of your feet.  Using these details, a custom bespoke foot orthotic is expertly designed to ensure clinical accuracy and close fitting arch profiles for greater compliance.

We supply you with the casts which makes the your next pair of orthotics cheaper as you won’t need to pay for a new casting session.

These Bespoke Custom-Made Orthotics are available in ¾ (regular fitting shoes) or full length (shoes which have a removable insole)

¾ Length Style.
Carbon Fibre OrthoSupport Orthotics
(EVA can be used for rigid arthritic feet)

Semi-rigid carbon fibre shell

Deep heel cup

3mm poron lining on carbon fibre orthotic

Washable 1mm EVA top cover

Fits most regular fitting footwear

Full Length Style.
Carbon Fibre OrthoSupport Orthotics
(EVA can be used for rigid arthritic feet)

Semi-rigid carbon fibre shell

Deep heel cup

3mm poron lining on carbon fibre orthotics

Washable 1mm EVA top cover

Fits shoes than can accommodate extra depth or shoes and boots which feature a removable insole

Bespoke Custom-Made Carbon Fibre OrthoSupport Orthotics
Biomechanics Assessment £30.00 Plus
Custom Made Carbon Fibre Orthotics £180.00

TOTAL COST £180.00

Buy a second pair for £160.00 per pair

Alternatively you can order a home casting kit>> or call for details 01292 316743

Custom Made Carbon Fibre Orthotics including all Postage & Packaging Costs £150.00
Buy a second pair for £130.00 per pair

Suitable for the treatment of various foot and leg conditions including:

Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Painful Arches, Shin Splints, Over Pronation, Supination, Ankle Pain, Heel Spurs, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Metatarsalgia, Aching Legs, Knee Pain and Lower Back Pain.

Available in ¾ Length and Full length styles for a variety of sports as well as general fitting shoes.

1mm EVA Top cover

Overpronating Right Foot
Viewed From The Heel
With Orthotic OrthoSupports™ 
The Foot 
Sits Straight
Without Orthotic OrthSupports™
The Foot
Rolls Over

Podiatry Specialist - Foot Care Treatments, Biomechanical Analysis and Orthotics Manufacture.

Carbon Fibre Custom-Made OrthoSupport Orthotics £180.00 per pair with Biomechanics Assessment

Carbon Fibre Custom-Made
OrthoSupport Orthotics £150.00 per pair with Home Casting Kit

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